A student studies the piping technique of François Payard, 2015

2016 Class Schedule

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
Saturday Morning Sessions
Time Chef Class Topic
8:15am-9:30am ICC Chef Instructor Knife Skills
9am-12:15pm Ellie Pegler Breads Vaucluse Style
10am-12:15pm Jonathan Benno and Richard Capizzi Lincoln Highlights
10am-12:15pm Amanda Freitag Favorites from The Chef Next Door
10am-12:15pm Missy Robbins Lilia: Fatto a Mano
10am-12:15pm Justin Smillie California Cool
10am-12:15pm Kerry Heffernan Oysters A to Z

Saturday Lunch Sessions
Time Chef Class Topic
12:30pm-2pm Jacques Torres Chocolate Demo
12:30pm-2pm Alex Hitz Lunch Q & A: The Art of Entertaining

Saturday Afternoon Sessions
Time Chef Class Topic
2:15pm-4:30pm Ivan Orkin The Secret to Ramen
2:15pm-4:30pm Bryce Shuman Expanding Your Pantry
2:15pm-4:30pm Michael Lomonaco The Name Game
2:15pm-4:30pm Gabriel Kreuther Signature Dishes
2:15pm-4:30pm Judy Joo Korean Made Easy
2:15pm-4:30pm Zachary Golper Baking Bread with Potatoes
2:15pm-4:30pm Miroslav Uskokovic Restaurant Desserts at Home
Sunday Morning Sessions
Time Chef Class Topic
9am-12:15pm Dan Barber and Jonathan Bethony Freshly Milled Whole Grains
10am-12:15pm Taku Sato and Ricky Estrellado Nobu Classics
10am-12:15pm Paul Liebrandt Fish & Chips
10am-12:15pm Alain Sailhac Classic French Recipes
10am-12:15pm Jose Garces Seasonal Vegetables-Spanish Lens
10am-12:15pm Alessandra Altieri Seasonal Eclairs

Sunday Lunch Speakers
Time Chef Class Topic
12:30-2pm ICC Chef Instructor Knife Skills
12:30-2pm Audrey Saunders Cocktail Demo
12:30-2pm Mimi Sheraton Lunch Q&A

Sunday Afternoon Sessions
Time Chef Class Topic
2:15pm-4:30pm Chung Chow Modern Hawaiian Techniques & Cuisine
2:15pm-4:30pm Einat Admony Iraqi Made Easy
2:15pm-4:30pm Daniel Rose Poulet La Bourse et La Vie Style
2:15pm-4:30pm Cesare Casella Perfect Pastas
2:15pm-4:30pm Suzanne Cupps The Art of Crudo
2:15pm-5:30pm François Hiegel Thomas Keller Favorite Breads
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